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What is social entrepreneurship?


“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”

- Bill Drayton, Chair and Founder of Ashoka


Social entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing field in which creative minds develop new strategies to tackle large-scale social problems. Whereas business entrepreneurs seek to generate “social value”, and their goal is to provide marginalized and disadvantaged communities with sustainable methods to affect long term, social change.  Social entrepreneurship looks at business growth models as inspiration for programs meant to effectively and efficiently impact social welfare in developing regions. The goal is to implement and establish strategies for tackling poverty that are high-quality, cost-effective and self-sustaining. Check out our course offerings in Social Entrepreneurship this summer, and get involved!



The Summer Institute for Social  Entrepreneurship   


Creating Tomorrow's Social Innovators

Catholic University of America’s Summer Institute for Social Entrepreneurship includes four powerful courses designed to prepare students and professionals interested in developing skills to tackle some of society’s intractable social problems. Whether you plan to start your own venture, contribute to social responsibility in your organization or develop an entrepreneurial mindset, you will find that all of our courses will meet your needs.

 All courses are offered online and include
  • MSO 384/58 Principles and Practices of Social Entrepreneurship May 12 to June 29.
  • MSO 385/585 Public Private Partnerships June 11 to July 20.
  • MSO 386-586 Corporate Social Responsibility May 21 to June 29.
  • MSO 417 Social Enterprise Development June 11 to August 4.

Courses are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Undergraduate students may enroll for the 300/400 level courses and graduate students, for the 500 level courses.  Courses will run between May 20 and August 3, most for a duration of six weeks.

Course Enrollment

CUA students may enroll for any of the courses on Cardinal Station:  Courses may count for elective credit in your degree program- Please discuss with your academic advisor.


Visiting Student and Professionals

The Catholic University of America admits students from any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age or disability.  Please complete a short application here



Each course is worth 3 credits and costs $920 per credit hour or $2760 per course.  Metro SPS students pay $830 per credit hour.


Visiting Student and Professionals

The Catholic University of America admits students of any race,  color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability.  Please complete a short application here

Academic Policies

Please review out entire web site for additional information about admission, registration, tuition, fees, and academic policies including schedule adjustment deadlines.

For more information about this institute and social entrepreneurship at Catholic University, contact Harriet A. Nokuri

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