The Catholic University of America

Catholic University's Summer Institute of Social Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in tackling youth unemployment in developing countries? How about decreasing energy dependence on fossil fuels by introducing cheaper, renewable alternatives? Summer Sessions @ CUA offers a variety of courses that are geared towards teaching students how to apply business growth models in areas of social concern.

Social entrepreneurs do not work for the money, but rather for the impact. Social enterpreneurship at CUA looks to supply students with knowledge and connect them to real world opportunities to affect change. Through collaboration, innovation and action, we are creating tomorrow's innovators right here at Catholic University. Check out our course listings and get involved!

The following courses are offered through the Summer Institute of Social Entrepreneurship:





May 20

June 29

Principles and Practices of Social Entrepreneurship*

MSO 384/584

May 20

June 29

Corporate Social Responsibility*

MSO 386-586

July 1

August 10

Public Private Partnerships*

MSO 385/585

July 1

August 10

Social Enterprise Development*

MSO 386-586

*courses are offered online

 We hope to see you this May!


Great Resources for Opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Give to Get Back

    Application help, a database of jobs and a list of events in the area.

  • Business Exchange

    Over 3,000 job and news postings about social enterprise and entrepreneurship!

  • Just Means

    User friendly, has openings in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

  • iOnPoverty

    This site uses videos to link job hunters with established social entrepreneurs.


    Over 4,000 opportunities for those interested in social good.