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CUA Summer - Tuition and Fees

Study from Home, Washington, D.C., or Anywhere this Summer!

Registration for Summer 2015 begins on March 16, 2015!



Summer 2015 Tuition and Fees

For the complete list of summer 2015 tuition and fees, please check the Enrollment Services' Financial Information page in early 2015.

****Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the CUA Refund of Student Charges Policy.


Summer 2015 Housing and Board Rates

For summer 2015 housing information and rates, please check the Conferences and Pryzbyla Management website in early 2015.

****Please remember to ask about the possible Summer CUA Housing Discount!

For summer 2015 board information and rates, please check the Office of Dining Services website in early 2015.


Summer 2015 Billing and Payment

For billing and payment details, please CLICK HERE to be directed to Enrollment Services' Billing and Payment page. 


Summer 2015 Financial Aid

CUA students are advised to contact the CUA Office of Student Financial Assistance in Room 6, McMahon Hall to learn about loans and application procedures.  

 Visiting summer students should consult with the financial aid office at their home institutions. 





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